Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finnegan ~

Finnegan...a very moody betta ~
But...when intorduced to Blue...he began to shine ~
Whenever I see a beautiful bubble nest...it is a sure sign of a happy and healthy betta boy.  This is Finnegan designing one of his remarkable bubble nests.  It was awesome to finally see Finnegan happily building his beautiful bubble nests ~
Betta fish enjoy live plants ~
It brings me great joy to take a cold, scared, unhappy little betta... 
Create a decent and respectful life for him ~
Domesticated bettas thrive in clean dechlorinated water that is kept at a  temperature of 80 to 82 degrees...I use 1tsp of kosher salt per gallon of water.  Kosher salt has no additives and dissolves quickly in water.  I never add the salt directly into the aquarium or bowl, I dissolve it first in another container...then I add it to my aquarium or fish bowl.  Salt is very beneficial to all living things...including fish.

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