Thursday, March 31, 2011

My boys...they always had fun sparring with each other, it was enjoyable to watch ~
I am fascinated by these little fish and their ability to build such beautiful nests...and care for their fertilized's amazing...this fantabulous bubble nest was one of Finnegan's many creations
Bettas build bubble nests when all living conditions are just right ~ This is one of  Blue's bubble nests ~
Finnegan's bubble nest ~ Quite beautiful ~


This is a picture of Blue...He would have been just as beautiful if he were" Red "~

Blue, a healthy and happy male veil tail  betta...he loved to flare his gills, 
Bettas are friendly and intelligent...since they are sold in such a demeaning way...many people automatically think they do not require a healthy habitat.  I know if you provide your betta with  his basic needs, you will be pleasantly surprised by this friendly little fish.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finnegan ~

Finnegan...a very moody betta ~
But...when intorduced to Blue...he began to shine ~
Whenever I see a beautiful bubble is a sure sign of a happy and healthy betta boy.  This is Finnegan designing one of his remarkable bubble nests.  It was awesome to finally see Finnegan happily building his beautiful bubble nests ~
Betta fish enjoy live plants ~
It brings me great joy to take a cold, scared, unhappy little betta... 
Create a decent and respectful life for him ~
Domesticated bettas thrive in clean dechlorinated water that is kept at a  temperature of 80 to 82 degrees...I use 1tsp of kosher salt per gallon of water.  Kosher salt has no additives and dissolves quickly in water.  I never add the salt directly into the aquarium or bowl, I dissolve it first in another container...then I add it to my aquarium or fish bowl.  Salt is very beneficial to all living things...including fish.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finnegan was a beautiful halfmoon  betta ~

Finnegan  <3

When looking for a betta mate, make sure his fins are not ripped or torn.

Blue was a beautiful veil tail betta ~ An extraordinarily friendly little guy  <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beautiful Blue ~

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my Blue <3

Enjoying his live plants ~

This is the adorable little face that would  always greet me ~


Such a sweet little fish ~

I am so glad I got this shot ~ I just Luv this picture ~

Blue in action ~

Chillin ~

When my Blue passed ~ I was sad ~


Monday, March 14, 2011

I put a thermometer in Blue's bowl...he immediately had to check it out...if you want a pet with personality plus...get a betta ~

Beautiful Blue ~ Just enjoying life ~

Breathe baby breathe ~

 Finnegan going up for air ~
          This is a picture I took of Fin.  Bettas  breathe atmospheric air...if they can't get to the surface...they will drown.